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Transfer Students


Transferring to Concordia
Just Got EASY!


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Our knowledgeable and experienced Admissions Counselors are available to guide you in completing your application process. Bring your official transcripts with you to receive an admission decision on the spot! During your visit, you will also be able to take a tour of the campus, and have your questions about financial aid, transfer credits, and degree requirements answered.

* Transfer scholarships available up to $16,500 per year!


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Transfer Course/Degree Requirements

Sometimes the trickiest part of transferring is knowing what courses will count. See below for details on the process at CTX!

Transfer Credits


Concordia University’s Registrar evaluates each student’s transcript to determine transferable credit. Some credit may also be reviewed by a particular program or college. In general, criteria for transferable credit are:
•    Course is non-remedial or non-developmental
•    Course is completed at a regionally accredited institution
•    Course is achieved with a grade of C (2.0) or better

The following credits are not transferable:
•    Remedial or developmental courses
•    Courses completed at a non-accredited institution
•    Courses completed with a grade of D or below (<2.0)
•    Credit/No Credit and Pass/Fail courses

Upon acceptance to Concordia, you will have access to an online Degree Works tool that will include an evaluation of your transfer credits and allow you to track your remaining degree requirements. If you would like to determine prior to acceptance if your courses will transfer, you can:
•    View Concordia University’s equivalency agreement with Austin Community College
•    Review the degree requirement plan for your intended major
•    Contact one of our Admissions Counselors for an unofficial transfer credit evaluation
•    Review our Academic Catalog for more information


Degree Requirements


Graduation requirements for a bachelor’s degree from Concordia University include:
•    A minimum of 128 total semester hours
•    At least 45 hours completed at Concordia
•    A minimum of 39 upper-level hours
•    A 2.5 GPA or above in major coursework

Course requirements for each major and Concordia’s core curriculum can be found by reviewing our Degree Plans, Majors & Programs webpages, and Academic Catalog.

Application Process

The process is simple - check below for your next steps!



•    Submit an online application with a $25 non-refundable application fee.
•    Submit official transcripts from each college attended.
•    If you have less than 18 college credits completed at the time of application, you must also submit your high school transcript  and ACT/SAT scores.
•    Complete the FAFSA ( if you are applying for financial aid. Our school code is 003557.

Once You're Accepted...


•    Get a CTX email and check it regularly for important information
•    Review your transfer credits using our Degree Works tool
•    Review your Financial Aid eligibility and award amounts
•    Make sure you Visit Campus

Once You've Decided to Attend...


•    Turn in your Financial Aid Award Letter
•    Pay a $275 Commitment Deposit for on campus residency or $150 if you are a commuter (non-resident)
•    Schedule a Registration Appointment with your Admissions Counselor

Once You're Registered...


•    Get your class schedule
•    RSVP for En Route Transfer Orientation
•    Get a Student ID and Parking Pass (no additional fee)

Admission Requirements

Concordia selects students who present the most competitive applications and who we consider most likely to graduate and to be successful, contributing members of the Concordia community. To reach admission decisions, Concordia evaluates all candidates in a comprehensive way using this criteria.

Transfer Student Admission Requirements


Transfers with at least 18 credit hours must have a cumulative GPA of a 2.0, as determined by Concordia University’s calculation, on all college credit hours attempted.

The admission requirements for transfers are determined by the number of college-level hours from regionally accredited colleges or universities that have been completed at the time of application.

Transfers with less than 18 college credit hours must meet freshman admission requirements.

Students who fall below the requirements will be evaluated by the admissions committee and may still be eligible for provisional admission.

Military Information


Find more information for our veterans.

Resources and FAQs
ACC Equivalency Agreement

If you are a student at Austin Community College, click here to see our articulation agreement with them to determine how your courses will transfer in.

Transfer Orientation

Once you have deposited, you may register for next semester's orientation. Transfer orientation is held every Spring and Fall semester prior to the start of classes. Orientation is required for all newly enrolled students.

On-Campus Living

Transfer students are NOT required to live on campus.

Off-Campus Living

Once you have deposited, you can join our Roommate Finder Facebook Group if you plan on living off campus! Click here to also get more information on Austin, Texas!

Transfer Counselor

Meet the transfer admissions counselor! Your counselor can help answer any questions you have about Concordia University and the admissions process.

Transfer Student Life

Why Concordia?

Learn more about what being a CTX transfer student looks like through the following bios of current students.

Robert Solis

Junior, Kinesiology Major

Transferred from Austin Community College, Mary Hardin-Baylor

Robert Solis, Student

“I was born in Austin, TX and moved out to Bastrop just before middle school. I competed in football, basketball and track in high school. I am also an Eagle Scout."

Why were you attracted to Concordia University?  Well I first came on a campus visit with my friend Austin, who was looking to come here. Then I fell in love with Concordia. Small class sizes, accessibility of professors and the location of campus are just a couple things that stood out to me. I also got in contact with the track coaches and ended up making the team. After my visit, it just felt like this was where I needed to be.

How was the transfer process for you?  It was so easy. The admissions team and faculty made it a very smooth transition. You really feel at home here.

Favorite part about Concordia:  I love the atmosphere. Between the students and faculty, its a very inviting place to be.

Advice for any incoming transfer:  Definitely come in for a campus visit. Meet with students and professors and ask questions. The best way to get a feel for Concordia is to come experience it.

CTX involvement:  I attend Fellowship of Christian Athletes meetings and I am the Treasurer/Historian for the Christian Brothers club. I'm also a student Admissions Ambassador and compete on the track team.


Chelsey Gonzales

Junior, Communications Major

Transferred from Santa Barbara City College

“I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA when I participated in Soccer, Volleyball, and Track & Field growing up.  Moving to Texas is a huge change for me because I have never lived anywhere but Santa Barbara.  I am the first to venture away and attend college and am so grateful to be here.”

Why were you attracted to Concordia University?  I was immediately drawn to the size of Concordia University.  I knew I wanted to move to a new city and Austin has much to offer.  But when it came to school, I wanted to be a part of a smaller, more positive environment.  The Lutheran community here at Concordia was a perfect fit!

How was the transfer process for you?  Transferring to Concordia was not only an incredibly smooth process, but also a pleasant one.  I've never felt so welcomed and wanted by an institution and the staff was incredibly accommodating and accessible.

Favorite part about Concordia:  So far, my favorite part about Concordia is the type of people who attend and work here. You would have to look very hard to find someone that wasn't interested in meeting new people or helping one another enjoy their college experience.  It has a family feel and I feel right at home already.

Advice for any incoming transfer:  To any incoming transfer, trust your advisers. The staff that Concordia University have put in place to help you along your journey are not only great at what they do, but they also care about you as an individual!

CTX involvement:  I am a member of the Communications Club and have begun getting involved in other activities on campus such as Intramural Volleyball and The Mullet.  I look forward to exploring even more of what the Concordia family has to offer.


Ke’Aundra McWilliams

Sophomore, Behavioral Science Major

Transferred from Huston-Tillotson University

“I grew up in Austin, Texas and I love to read and hang with friends. Most of the time I stay to myself until I get comfortable around someone.”

Why were you attracted to Concordia University?  I was attracted to Concordia because I wanted to attend a small school and I heard great things about it from previous students.

How was the transfer process for you?   The transfer process for me was great. The admissions counselor was very helpful and made it an easy process for me to transfer. Everything was done in a timely manner.

Favorite part about Concordia: My favorite part about Concordia is the various things they have going on at campus. I love the student led worship: 9:08 and the different bible study groups that they have. It’s nice to attend a Christian University where you have the option to attend weekly bible studies and focus on strengthening your relationship with God.    

Advice for any incoming transfer: My advice to any incoming transfer students is to get involved on campus and meet a lot of people. Getting involved and meeting people will make your Concordia experience much more exciting. Also, to keep your GPA high to receive scholarships that is offered by Concordia.

CTX involvement:  The organizations that I am involved in is Helping Hands and Concordia’s Youth Ministry.    


Jordan Burrow

Senior, Business Major

Transferred from Concordia University Irvine

Why were you attracted to Concordia University Texas? I was attracted to Concordia University Texas because I had heard a lot of great things about the state of Texas about the people and good job placement and Austin was ranked one of the best college towns in America so it seemed like a win-win. 

How was the transfer process? The transfer process went very smooth and the faculty at CTX was stellar and truly provided me with the southern hospitality I had heard of. 

Favorite part about Concordia? The small classroom size allows for one-on-one learning and face to face encounters with the Professors. 

Advice for incoming transfers? Get to know the staff and student body and you will flourish. The small atmosphere makes networking much easier than a larger school. 

Internships: I recently went on a job search for my double major in Business Administration Finance and Management and was able to land an internship with Scottrade, ranked in Fortune Magazine's top 100 companies to work for in 2012. I am thrilled to learn the necessary skills to become a stock broker and apply my talents and tools in Finance and Management that I have crafted at CTX. Certain courses in Finance, Money Banking and Credit and Leadership in Business that I have taken will all be utilized to my advantage.

Online Programs


Coursework is designed to accommodate busy, working students and can be completed anytime from anywhere.

Evening Adult Degree Program

Concordia's Adult Degree Program is for working adults who want to complete a degree through a flexible, accelerated format at one of our campus centers. Enjoy the convenience of fully accredited classes just one night per week, taught by highly qualified faculty members.